What sets us apart?

South Point’s founder and sales representative is a Mechanical Engineer and has, and will continue to foster, a detailed working knowledge of the systems offered, which will enable South Point to offer customers in Latin America with a knowledgeable point of contact with the ability to troubleshoot and offer additional services throughout the entire sales life-cycle.

To clients, the value proposition is:
• Premium products and supporting services
• Information and detailed explanation in Spanish
• After sale services: installation supervision and commissioning
• Sales conducted by trained mechanical engineer
• Bringing solutions to fix bottlenecks and process inefficiencies to clients, and having the capability/training to proactively identify them

To manufacturers/companies represented:
• Understanding of the Latin American market
o 3-year experience in the market
• Commitment of continued training and understanding of products represented
o Owner has been in various trainings and will continue
• Presence and agility in the region (time zone, language, culture)
• Ability to offer information and detailed explanation in Spanish to customers
• After sale services for clients: installation and commissioning
• Sales conducted by trained mechanical engineer

Throughout the entire sales life-cycle, from the moment the contact is established with the client, to the quoting stage, order placement, Q&A stages, after-sales process, clients will receive a local and technically savvy agent with a deep understanding of products and processes.